The Original Kent Sash Window Company offer high quality double glazed sash windows, sash window draught proofing, sash window repairs, and restoration. We won’t be beaten on service or quality.

Sash Window Service
Sash Window Service

Sash window repair – are my windows past it?

In short, no probably not. Most sash windows are over a hundred years old now and most will need some restoration work. This doesn’t mean entire replacement is necessary. We replace sash window sills, lower sash, and rebuild box frames. There is no reason to replace a window for the sake of a few high quality repairs. We can normally work with your original sash windows even if you would like to have uprated double glazing to reduce noise and improve security. We offer comprehensive draught proofing systems with double glazing to ensure sound proofing is maximised.

Sash window repair is a viable, and economically sound way of maintaining your property. If sash windows are decorated properly after repair, there isn’t any reason to ever require restoration again in the foreseeable future.

Can I install double glazing to my original sash windows?

When double glazing sash windows we will attempt to install a double glazed unit into the sash. This can normally be achieved in two ways, if the sash is extremely slender then a high tech double glazed slimline unit can be installed. If your sashes are a little more robust then we can normally install a quality Pilkington double glazed unit to the original sash.

We will remove the original glazing, and then rebate the sash to carry a larger unit. Whilst doing so, mortice and tenons will be tightened to ensure structural integrity.

In the even your sash windows will not take a double glazed unit we can manufacture new sash and make use of the original frame. This option is approximately 30% more expensive than the former, so we will attempt to make use of original joinery if at all possible.

Sash window draught proofing to stop rattling, dust, noise, and make my home warmer

You might well be plagued by rattling, cold sash windows, that let icy cold draughts ruin the temperature and comfort of your home, even with central heating turned up. This shouldn’t be the case anymore, your beautiful sash windows do not need to be a burden. A comprehensive draught proofing system can considerably improve the ambience. The effects of a draught proofing system are immediate. As soon as we attach the furniture, and heating can be turned up. You will instantly notice a really considerable improvement in your home comfort. The degree in which this is effective largely depends upon how bad the windows are in the first place. To test if this is the right service for you, simply pull out a roll of masking tape, and cover all the joints on your sash windows. This includes parting beads, staff beads, meeting & top rails. Be sure not to miss any and you’ll now be able to judge the effects of a draught proofing system.

Why have your windows serviced by The Original Kent Sash Window Company

The Original Kent Sash Window Company offer three main sash window service to Kent and surrounding areas. Sash window double glazing, repair and draught proofing. We will also work to improve the security of your property on request. We can install catches and locks that’ll meet all insurance requirements, as well as make professional upgrades which, due to not wanting intruders to understand, we will not publish on the website, however can be discussed in detail on survey.

The Original Kent Sash Window Company are a family run and operated company that is proud to offer high quality services to Kent. If you would like to organise a survey then please feel free to contact us today for a no obligation quotation.

Sash Window Double Glazing Excellent Condition
Sash Window Double Glazing Excellent Condition
Attaching staff bead priorto complete a draught proofing system
Attaching staff bead priorto complete a Draught Proofing System
Sash Draft Proofed
Sash Draft Proofed