Our aims and objectives as a company are honest and transparent. So it’s with no hesitation I can tell you are aims and objectives are to repair and restore sash windows wherever we can, as cost effectively for you, our client as possible, while still maintaining profitability and therefore, longterm sustainability.

One of the first questions we will ask on survey is “when we are finished, what would you like from your windows?”. We are not interested in selling you something that you do not want, or need. We don’t have the time to waste trying to pressure you into a sale, we are not sellers, we are carpenters doing good work.  We listen to what you want, quote and offer advice accordingly with economy and quality in mind. Normally a survey will take twenty minutes, on a larger job perhaps half an hour.

Do you want to repair your sash windows – what about a few years down the line?

Why is this important to you? The Original Kent Sash Window Company offer a no quibble five year guarantee on most sash window services.The Original Kent Sash Window Company charge fairly, and reasonably with high quality service at the centre of our business, being around many years benefits all our clients long term. If you have a problem with a window, at some point in the future it is comforting to know you selected a company that you can rely on.

This doesn’t mean we are expensive. Our pricing is in line with competitors and in most cases we will not price the highest.The Original Kent Sash Window Company price to do an honest job of your sash windows with a view to a lasting job. In most cases sash window draught proofing will last more than ten years. Sash window repairs will last as long as they are maintained and protected from weathering. If painting is scheduled and kept up, then there will never be a need to repair your sash windows again.

What about double glazing sash windows?

You can rely on us to give you free, honest advice and the best way to proceed on your aims and objectives.  We will always try to install double glazed units to your original sash windows first. This is beneficial in terms of pricing, and sympathetic when considering the aesthetics of your property. Once we have double glazed original sash windows, from fifteen yards, you might not realise they have been double glazed at all!

Can I rely on you for a complete start to finish sash window service.

Yes, absolutely. If you want us to repair, draught proof, and decorate your sash windows then this is not a problem at all.  The Original Kent Sash Window Company pride ourselves on a complete service. Equally, if you’d like to have a go at decorating to save money then we will be glad to instruct you, offering professional tips to get the painting just right, quickly and effectively. It’s always nice if the time is spare to save money and do a little work on our own properties where we can.

If you appreciate our up front, and honest way of approaching sash window repairs and restoration then we would be grateful for your call. We will quickly discuss your requirements and schedule a date for estimation. Normally from your phone call to receiving written quote takes no more that a week.

Refurbishment Sash Windows London
Refurbishment Sash Windows London