We offer three core sash window services. Sash window repair, draught proofing, and double glazing.

Sash Window Repair

This is our staple service. We repair as much of your sash window as is possible. There are some key sash window repair services that we provide. Our sash window repairs all carry five year guarantees.

Sash Window Sill Replacement

When carrying out Sash Window Sill Replacement we remove old and rotten sills and splice in new. The sills are treated and all wood decaying fungi are removed to ensure the sash window sill replacement lasts well. Once repairs effected the sill is primed and undercoated ready for decoration

Sash Window Stile Splicing

When a sash is rotten on the rail or a specific part. We can splice the sash rather than entirely replacing. This is far cheaper than replacing the sash entirely. A sash that is full of glazing bar can cost three hundred pounds to replace, when a splice might be just eighty pounds.

General Resin Repairs

If you have a broken sash cord or you need some new furniture installed we will be happy to help with little jobs like this. If there’s a broken pane of glass, or a frame is letting water come in under the sill then feel free to contact us and we will quote and repair

Sash Window Kent Before and After
Sash Window Kent Before and After

Sash Window Draught Proofing

As part of our overhaul and draught proofing service we will remove the sashes and machine them to improve fit. We replace all the sash cords. We will then rebate grooves into sashes and fit draught seals that will create a total perimeter seal. This seal eliminates draughts and rattling of your sash windows. The overhaul and draught proofing service is recognised by the government as energy efficient and is only charged at 5% VAT as a result. Normally a draught proofing system will reduce energy bills by approximately £25 per window, and since a draught proofing system lasts over ten years. The service should cost have all costs cancelled before it’s effective lifespan is over.

Sash Window Double Glazing

We can install new sashes to original frames, replace sash windows with double glazed paned entirely. We also offer a unique double glazing to original sash service. This involves using the original sash and then removing the old glass. The sash is then rebated more deeply to take a double glazed unit and then double glazed unit installed. Once the window is decorated you might not even realise there is two panes of glass. The original looks and aesthetics are retained perfectly, with the advantage of modern technology integrated.

Attaching staff bead priorto complete a draught proofing system
Attaching staff bead priorto complete a Draught Proofing System
Completed Sash Window
Completed Sash Window
Sash window repair, draught proofing and decoration- the complete refurbishment package
Sash window repair, draught proofing and decoration- the complete refurbishment package